NextGen EMR / NextGen EHR Lab Interface Consulting by ggXTech Laboratory Interfaces

The NextGen EMR / NextGen EHR software provides sophisticated electronic handling of patient lab orders and test results via HL7 based interfaces to lab vendors.  ggXTech uses a combination of the NextGen development environment and proprietary ggXTech SQL tools to provide complete "lab solutions" which reduces the time, effort and cost associated with implementing a single or bidirectional Nextgen Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software lab interface. The ggXTech model eliminates the need to manually create patient lab triggers; and provides reporting capabilities which span patient lab results across both "in house" and multiple "outside" lab vendors.

Below are a few of the features which make the ggXTech lab solution a functional and cost effective method for adding new lab vendor interfaces to the the NextGen EMR / NextGen EHR software. 

  • create a "clean" grid based custom built lab_ordering template where the grids are user defined and can be changed via system template.
  • employ the search grid to quickly find tests by code or description
  • use Quick Order Buttons to find tests by category (ie  Micros; Infectious Disease; Prenatal; HIV; Drug Testing; Diabetes; GYN; Geriatric; etc.)
  • return the "latest" (most recent) lab value across mulitiple "in house" and "outside" labs without the need to re-enter "in office" lab results via the NextGen EMR / NextGen EHR software "lab assign" utility.
  • automate the implementation of adding a new lab vendors tests to the EMR database. ggXTech works directly with the lab vendor to create a file of codes and descriptions for a one time import into the NextGen EMR / NextGen EHR software. 
  • save the cost, time and effort associated with building hundreds of patient lab triggers. Eliminate the errors associated with building these triggers manually.
  • create multiple lab orders (ie conduct lab test once each week for the next 2 months) from a single lab order "submit" using the ggXTech recurring lab order pop-up.
  • custom lab requistion forms (Crystal Report®) including patient, provider, insurance, test and "ask order entry" information. 
  • custom lab results reports providing test results and including "comments" when provided by the lab vendor.