NextGen EMR / NextGen EHR KBM Knowledge Base Model Consultants ggXTech KBM Series 8 / Application 5.9 Upgrades

The NextGen Electronic Health Record (EHR) software template based Knowledge Base Model (KBM) has greatly enhanced the ease with which the NextGen EMR / NextGen EHR software is implemented.  KBM upgrades are issued regularly by NextGen, with each new release containing a wealth of new functionality. Adopting the KBM model presents significant challenges to the NextGen EMR / NextGen EHR software developer/administrator related to template customization and maintaining the customizations through KBM version upgrades.

As comprehensive as the KBM becomes, the NextGen EMR / NextGen EHR software user still often requires customization of the KBM templates to meet their specific needs. Once a KBM template is customized, a new version of the KBM cannot be implemented by simply running the NextGen EMR / NextGen EHR software upgrade utility. Great care must be taken during the KBM upgrade process to ensure template customizations are not overwritten.

ggXTech addresses the KBM upgrade issue by performing template "Gap Analysis" using proprietary SQL based tools and "hands-on" functional template reviews. The newly released KBM template(s) are compared to the corresponding customized template(s). ggXTech catalogs client template customizations and identifies changes (ie new functionality or problem fixes) in the new KBM template. With client input ggXTech then combines the "best of both" into a single NextGen EMR / NextGen EHR template.