NextGen EMR / NextGen EHR Mirth Consulting by ggXTech Mirth Magic from ggXTech

MIRTH exports and imports data to and from databases and medical equipment via all types of transfer methods (e.g. file, TCP, SFTP, FTP, https: etc.) MIRTH is an ideal zero cost, open source application for moving data between your NextGen database and any internal (e.g. on-site lab) or external (e.g. state grant data) third party entity anywhere in the world.

The NextGen Electronic Health Record (EHR) software employs Microsoft's MS-SQL® database as its data storage engine. ggXTech has worked with SQL databases since the late 1970's. ggXTech has worked with the NextGen EMR / NextGen EHR software's MS-SQL database which includes more than  3000 tables since 2003. ggXTech thoroughly understands the NextGen EMR / NextGen EHR software database's structure and functionality.

ggXTech leverages MIRTH capabilities with comprehensive understanding of the NextGen database providing unlimited capability to export and import data. The only limit is your imagination.

Some examples of ggXTech's use of the MIRTH engine include:

  • intercept rosetta lab order message to modify accountID to allow multiple account ids for a single location
  • intercept rosetta lab order message to add custom HL7 segments to message before it reaches the lab vendor
  • SFTP based transfer of patient med data every 10 minutes to 340b pharmacy program.
  • encrypted SFTP data transfer to Walgreen's 340b pharmacy program
  • export state required flu data weekly for forwarding to CDC.
  • daily messaging of appointment data to TWISTLE to drive text message appointment reminders and robo calls.